I have a Fedora 2 server running Apache 2.0 with FP 2002 extensions properly installed. I have uploaded my web using FP2002 fine with no problems at all and it works great.

Problem: when I try to connect to the web via FTP I am being shut out of
being able to transfer anything to the site. For example, trying to FTP cgi
scripts to the cgi-bin directory and it will not allow me to do so. Cannot
transfer any file to any of the other directories of the site via FTP either.

Does anyone know what this might be?

I have tried chmod ing the permissions for the cgi-bin to 755 and no dice. Anyway, it is not just the cgi-bin that is the problem as I cannot even ftp a text tile into the document root of the html directory where the home page resides.

Seems like some global parameter locking out the user account.

Appreciate the help!