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Thread: Your System has Experienced A FATALERROR!

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    Your System has Experienced A FATALERROR!


    I was able to leave a messge this morning at 7am EST. Just got a VM from FE, they're doing ok, things are a bit chaotic!

    He's going to try and get to an internet connection on Saturday so he can update everyone, but in his own words he's "still clickin!"


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    That's about the same time I tried to reach him this morning (6am, central). Haven't gotten anything but the busy circuits recording though. Possibly because you're closer down south, or something...

    Glad to hear he's ok. I'm sure everything is still a mess down there... Hope they've got the basics.

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    It is good to hear fatal is ok .
    I am looking forward to read his im BACK post
    Wenn Sie Spaß meines Englisch mich Willensfuckingtötung Sie bilden.

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    Not FATAL but damn close!

    As RootFoo has said in the past: woooooo

    Fatal's tip of the day: When the MAN says evacuate, EVACUATE!

    We sat in the livingroom and watched the trees fall all around us. I was so excited I forgot to be scared. When we could get out, I was scared. Everything is okay, just lost power and 'net. Still don't have power or net.

    Sitting in a coffee shop (what else) about 25 miles from home. Not getting f00ed at least once a day is a real bummer. Don't have time to catch up with all the posts (both of them) now, there are three of us trying to play catch-up with our 'net lives. ASAP I will blog w/pics about the whole thing.

    Be cool, keep posting!

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