Hello. While Windows usually allows me to make long file names (by this, I mean 200 - 215 characters) it sometimes freezes up when trying to work with them. For instance. I can make a 200 + character file name for a jpg file in Photoshop stored to Explorer. However, sometimes when I:

1) during one session move it from one folder to another, no problem. But, when I try to move/copy it to a second folder, the prompt often says "file name too long."

2) If I have a 200 + file name (and sometimes even as small as 100 characters!!!) it may not open in Photoshop until I chop the name down to some size Explorer likes at that time.

3) If I have some of the 200 - 215 character file names in a folder and try to move the folder, I sometimes can't. And such a folder sometimes didn't delete in W2000 nor after my upgrade to XP (to solve this problem) despite giving the "right" (I don' know the term) to do so. Eventually, though, over the coming weeks or so, it is possible to delete such folders - I don't know the circumstances why.

4) Sometimes these files when moved or copied are truncated in the process and don't open unless the jpg extension is added.

All told, the long file name issue can cause things to take three to five times as long. When working with dozens of files, this can drag a session out.

Would appreciate some ideas on how to handle this.


Marc Washington