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Thread: Determine Model of Disc Remotely

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    I have a need to determine the model disk installed on remote computers, using Windows 2000 Professional. This information is available in device manager locally but i cannot figure out how to determine this information remotely. All the computers are visiable on the network from the central location. Since there are 200 remote computers involved, any solution that leads to an automated process would be great. Thanks

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    Using regedit you can connect to the remote machine, naviagte to the HKLM\Hardware\DeviceMap\SCSI\SCSI port X\SCSI Bux X\Logical Unit ID x

    the (x) is the number of the port, which you might have to take a peek in all because they hold the CDROMS and AlL HD info. Once you start digging you will see what I am talking about

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