Back in '01 I bought a laptop with ME on it. Lost the upgrade-to-XP-certificate that came with it. Bought the XP upgrade from a local store and installed it.
Seems I remember the system telling me at some point I could go back to ME real easy if I wanted to, or "uninstall" XP if I decided to.
My original HDD is only (!) 10 Gb and with not very much stuff on it, it's 80 percent full. I assume it's because of having the remnents of ME still there, along with the new XP stuff.
What I would like to do is return the machine to its original status, that is, the way it was when I bought it. I still have all the disks and stuff.
Then I want to install the upgrade with NO TRACE of the ME stuff. I'm assuming this would free up a lot of space and effectively reinitialize the drive. And when I put my stuff back in from the backup disks, it should be a clean system, right?
Someone please tell me if this's a good idea, or if I'm asking for more headaches than I already have.