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Thread: writing batch files

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    [B][COLOR=blue] Can anyone tell what im doing wrong? Here is example of the batch file I created:
    @echo off
    copy C:\program files D:\documents and settings\bigboss inc\desktop\backup
    @echo the following is a compilation of your files, backed up into your desktop folder, BigBoss!
    D:\documents and settings\bigboss inc\desktop\backup /p

    when I execute this file, it says that it "cannot find the specified file" and then goes on with "press any key to continue" ect...

    how can it not find program files!? do i need to be more specific, I hope not because that s alot of files! Is there a 'switch' that Im not useing that needs to be there?

    MY C: drive is accessable from my desktop on D: drive. I can place files from D into folders on C so whats up?

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    when files names have spaces in them, like program files, you should put them in double quotes like this:
    c:\"program files"\whatever.txt
    so the command processor would know when your command ended. same applies to
    c:\"documents and settings"\bigboss inc"\desktop\backup

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    As far as I know, .BAT files will look up one specific file for you. It will NOT look up everything in a folder. Well, that's my two cents.

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