Hi, when I open a web page the bottom edge is not at the bottom of the screen, only three quarters down. I then have to click the expand square to get it to take up the full screen. How can I set things so that the page opens up fully from the start?

Also, I have Winamp, WMP, and Nero Player. But Mp3s wont just open up and play when I do a double click. I have to right click and select "play in ...". How can I set things up so that I can play mp3s with a simple double click?

Finally, every time I minimise WMP Im given the option to have it on the task bar, which requires a click to close down that box. How can I set things up so that this dialogue does not appear every time I minimise WMP?

Thankyou sincerely for you time. I know these are small petty things. But I feel Im not in control of my computing environment, and its irking me profoundly!

Yours, Buddha