I have Win2k3 Enterprise Server with SP1 and configured as Domain with 50 users. Now i want's to migrate all the user and group from old server to new new server , which is also having same configuration.

My new server also Win2k3 Ent with SP1 and configured with different
Domain name and IP adddress. Now i want to migrate.

I installed ADMT tools ver 3.0 and installed. Before that i made the Trust relationship. After running ADMT tools - they are asking for Source and
Target Domain and Domain controller. Every thing is comming automatically, but Source (Remote) Domain controller name is not comming. It's showing "any domain controller".

And if i click next to continue ,then error showing "The Network path was not found. (0*80070035).

So, plz can u tell me how can i overcome this problem.
What wrong is happening.

waitng for reply.
Any suggestion will be appreciated.
thank you.