The symptoms are these.
The Pocket PC (HP5550) has had a version of Activesync on it at some time. It sees a partnership with a pc from this time.
However, when connected to my laptop which has Activesync 3.8 installed the Pocket PC is not recognised on any port available.
I have the cradle connected to a USB port and at present there is zero recognition when the live Pocket PC is inserted in the cradle.
Any suggestions would be helpfull.
I did think about un-installing Activesync from the Pocket PC but it does NOT show in the list of programs which can be removed.
Neither do any other program's except Tom Tom Navigator which is installed.
I would have expected Microsoft Reader to show but that is also absent.

Any help and suggestions to try to resolve this issue would be gratefully received.

Is it possible to force the removal of the original partnership or indeed all the original Activesync installation on the Pocket PC ?
If so, how, given that it is not showing on the program remove list.

PS I have gone through the Activesync connection wizard and COM3 and USB show as available. Also in Device Manager all USB ports show as OK with no problems.