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Thread: Cannot Open Or Save Media Files In Outlook Express

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    Hello everybody.

    I'm suddenly having a problem opening media files, such as .mov .wmv .asf, etc in Outlook Express.

    When I click on the file, I get a popup window with the XP security shield which says:


    Windows found that this file is potentially harmful
    To help protect you computer, windows has blocked access to this file.

    It also prevents me from saving the file in any way, and I get error messages when I try to do that.

    I have no trouble opening the files via Thunderbird, and it even worked ok when I forwarded the message to my Yahoo address and saved it that way.

    The files are virus free and I even tried with a wma file which is months old. This seems to be a particular OE problem.

    Also, I have also tried all the security config options via the tools menu in OE and nothing has worked.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!


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    This may be caused by "PC Security Shield".

    The software doesn't come standard with Windows. It is a third party product that may have been installed on your computer by the store that supplied it to you.

    Try looking up the settings for this to help fix your problem.

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    Did you recently upgrade your outlook express?

    Checxk this link
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