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Video Editting
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Thread: Video Editting

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    Video Editting

    Anybody do much video editting in linux? I can do what I want in windows but it takes so long and I really don't want to be in windows twidling my thumbs while I'm reencoding some video.

    Basically I just backed up a dvd thats like 8 gigs. The raw vobs I want to put on a new dvd are 6 gigs and I want to reencode it down to 4.7 gigs and author a new single layer dvd. Something like the windows program dvd shrink.

    What programs would I use? I've tried Kino but it doesn't read the vob's even if I rename them to mpg.

    Any help from someone thats done this b4 would be great. it would save me on having to be in windows for a couple hours.

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    I found this and it worked if anyone else needs it


    this is for installing dvd tools using wine . if anyone has used anything else please share.

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    1) Rip the DVD title(s) to hard drive useing vobcopy:

    vobcopy -l -t movie

    2) You now have 1 VOB file. We need to demutliplex it and get the M2V and AC3 files out of there.

    tcextract -i movie.vob -t vob -x mpeg2 > movie.m2v
    and after that:
    tcextract -i movie.vob -a 0 -x ac3 -t vob > movie.ac3

    This will produce a movie.M2V and a movie.AC3 file.

    3) To requantize (shrink ) your movie so it will fit on a single DVD-R (4.7) do as such:

    tcrequant -i movie.m2v -o movie1.m2v -f 1.5

    This will produce a file called "movie1.m2v"

    4) Now we need to re multiplex those 2 files into a compliant DVDauthor file:

    mplex -f 8 -o movie.mpg movie1.m2v movie.ac3

    This will produce a file named: "movie.mpg".

    5) Now create a dvd structure in a folder named newdvd

    dvddirgen -o newdvd

    6) Populate the filesystem like so:

    dvdauthor -o newdvd movie.mpg

    7) Create DVD information (IFO) files:

    dvdauthor -o newdvd -T

    8 ) Burn the Video_TS and Audio_TS created with K3B DVD Video mode.

    9) Now what you need to do is find the options for your DVD player (read your manual) and set your tv as a 4:3 letterbox so the player will add black bars on the top and bottom of your screen when you play the movie.

    Programs used.
    1. vobcopy
    2. mjpegtools
    3. transcode
    4. dvdauthor
    5. k3b
    And all deps.
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    Awesome comtux . A pure linux way. THanks for the detailed walkthrough I hope other people find use out of it as I will.


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    I know another way of doing all this, simple download dvd::ripper , a linux dvd resizer and burner that can even bypass css copy protection!
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