I am looking for help only from anybody who tried this particular
Cable connection of two PCs. NO Switches, Routers or Wireless please.

Both PCs on winXPsp2, the 1. Host has tiscali broadband connection.

1. One PC A8N ASUS sli nVidia4 shows two LANs (Invidia & Marvel)

2. One PC old socket A, with NO LAN, has a 32bit PCI 10/100M
Ethernet Adapter Card

Connected only with a crossover cable Cat-5.

Tried all instructions from MS site to WinXP Help, to Forums help, to library books, used all possible Wizards, but just cannot succeed to network them either for file sharing or ICS.

Anybody out there who can do it please help. luke

Just for interest, recently before upgrading to ASUS, I managed somehow to network successfully so, the A socket one with an old Win98 PC, when everybody said was very difficult & stupid.