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    Hi there,

    What is the best way to get Hi-Res screen dumps?

    I need a few screen grabs and what I have been doing is pressing the "Print Scrn" button on the keyboard and pasting in Photoshop. I then crop to the area that I need and then place this image into InDesign. I am using these screen grabs on a brochure that I need to get commercially printed. I am concerned that the quality will not be good enough.

    Any suggestions????

    Many thanks,

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    Hi there!
    In my opinion, you are probably right about the quality not being good enough. What kind of images are you trying to grab? Maybe you could find them elsewhere on the net in downloadable form? A commercial printer usually wants 1200 to 1600 dpi for photographs. Just a note: be careful about copyright laws with whatever you are using. Some places can get really mad if you get caught.
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    Ok, here we go pointing out the obvious to noobs. Google "Screen Capture" +freeware. You won't even begin to comprend how many programs for that there are on the first page. Enjoy your newfound, and free, knowledge.

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