Users frequently move jobs and locations within our organization and wish to bring their Outlook 2003 pst files with them.

One of the ways we help them is easy if they keep their pst file under 700MB, i.e., we can burn it to a CD-R.

If a user's pst file is between 700-900 MB, we can zip this down to under 700MB. We can also use WinRAR.

The problem arises when the user's pst file is over 900 MB.

Only a handful of users have a DVD burner, but the majority don&#39;t. <_<

A jump drive would help, but we don&#39;t have jump drives larger than 512MB. :angry:

Transferring over the network is possible, but we&#39;ve had enough bad experiences that we prefer to avoid this. :huh:

What are the other ways that we can "transfer" pst files?

Thanks for your help.