Hello All,

I just found this forum in my frantic search for a solution to a problem that just occured this morning.

While working in Visio 2003 Pro, I was making some rack and network drawings which I started from the Network Category Templates. I then decided to add numerous Cisco stencils which I added to the My Documents\My Shapes Folder. I also copied a sample network equipment template VST and a VSS to the \Program Files\Microsoft Office\Visio11\1033 folder. When I try to open the VST file it opens with no error messages and the shapes show on the left side BUT the page is blank.

I thought maybe the file I copied had a problem so I deleted the VST and the VSS that I copied to the \Program Files\Microsoft Office\Visio11\1033 folder BUT now NONE of the templates work at all. When I open Visio all of the Drawing Type Categories show on the left and the Template icons all show the proper drawings but when I try to open any of them they just show a blank page.

I decided to delete all stencils I copied to the My Documents\My Shapes folder and I then ran a FULL Detect & Repair including the restore default settings but damn still no luck!!! What the heck happened here???

As a final note... when I check the File Path options they are all blank and so I tried entering the path \Program Files\Microsoft Office\Visio11\1033 but I lost the Categories view to a heading of other which displayed all the templates in it... then I tried to open one and it still didn't work.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated and thanks in advance.