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Thread: Win ME lock up

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    My parents computer has windows millenium installed on it. A couple of weeks ago it started locking up for no apparent reason. It will boot up fine, and then lock up solid after 5-10 minutes. It happens whether your in a program or just looking at the desktop screen. I've done 2 system restores going back a whole month and that didn't work. You can't run any of the other utilities because it locks up in the middle. There are no error messages either.

    Does anyone know what I can do short of reinstalling it? I'd really like to backup their files before I do that.

    The computer is a Compaq Presario 5000 series.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    The smart ass in me would say get rid of ME, but I know that is not the case most can use. You can do a re-install without losing anything. Just don't format the drive. let ME install on top of itself. I was never a big fan of ME and always had lock up issues.

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    5 to 10 minutes should give you just about enough to do a virus scan and on next restart a spyware scan. If that doesn't solve the problem do what Rick has suggested, run the installation on top of the current one so you won't lose anything. Just don't format.

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