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Thread: Importing Spreadsheets

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    (I am not sure where to ask this question. I am thinking the Access forum would be better than Excel, but could be done in both.)

    I am working with 5 other people for an Architect, and I have designed separate bi-weekly time sheets in Excel. The spreadsheets are set up to calculate the time spent on each project a person does, vacation and holiday time, and then give a total at the bottom.

    Here's my questions: Is there anyway that Access or Excel can take a person's time and the client each person works on, and put it in a single spreadsheet to show how many hours each client has? For instance, 2 other co-workers are doing work on the same project I am, and the architect wants to know how much total time was spent for this client.

    What he really wants to see is column A list the job number; Column B list the client; Columns C - H be for the employees, and Column I be for the total times. Of course, down at the bottom of Columns C - H would be totals for each employee.

    Any ideas how this can be accomplished and which program (Access or Excel) would work best?

    Thank you in advance for your replies!

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