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Thread: Sliding Nostalgia

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    Sliding Nostalgia

    For all of the old timers who remember these:

    Not only could I use them, I have actually taught classes in using them - that's how old I am!

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    May 2004

    Way old!

    celticgeek, You are a senior citizen, eh?

    The "smart" kids in high school had a foot long hanging from their belt. And a pocket protector, stuffed w/colored pens. Yeah, my grandparents talked about these things.

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    Sliding Nostalgia

    Yeah, that's what I looked like in high school.

    College, too, I guess.

    Still do if it comes down to that, except I don't lug the slide rule around anymore.

    I score in the low 90's in nerdity tests, too.

    The Ooooold Geek

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