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    okay My coMputer is being stupid every tiMe i press "l" it logs Me off and My "M" dosnt work i have to copy and paste it ever tiMe, and "r" bring up the run Menu, "u" brings up the untility Manager "f" brings up searh Menu "e" brings up My coMputer and as i typing this right now i have to have caps lock on and be holding the shift key down can soMeone please tell Me how to fix this?????

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    What kind of keyboard do you have? Does it have a "fc" key or one of those keyboards that has volume control and such at the top? Without having mine in front of me, they is a key on those keyboards that if it is selected, will really cause some havoc. I think it is for shortcuts and such. Drives me batty when it happens and I don't see that the function has been selected.

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