Hi everyone.

My keyboard doesnt work on the windows 98 machine with cyrix 6x86mx processor. Now the problem is i have a tested and tried ps2 keyboard which works on my xp (p3) machine. but when i try to use it on cyrix (98) machine with a help of a serial to ps2 convertor (as on cyrix's motherboard there is only a ps2 port for mouse and a serial port for keyboard (i think) and a big old ding kind of thing)

Keyboard doesnt work and when windows is booting up it shows some error which goes somethin like

and then goes through with no lights on the keyboard.. mouse works fine.. now i have had a discussion with few people, one of them said there keyboard doesnt work on serial ports ?? and one of them said i need to add hardware which is serial port.. but i would have thought that i would have allready been added as this machine is somebody elses (now mine)..and that person obviously has been using this machine for a long time. it also has the keyboard big ding thing... it might work but i havnt tried it... can you please guide what i am doing wrong ?? and what i am not?? and if my using serial to ps2 convertor for gettin a ps2 keyboard working on win 98 machine is on the right track ??