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    Hello All

    I have had some good experience with the HOSTS file in the past, I can direct to and test my IIS system.

    I am trying to develop a site not on my PC, so I was thinking:

    Can I direct to my free site, lets say ,,, using the HOSTS file ? It would help me do some tests.
    If I cant do that, Can I find the IP address of and then put it in ? bear in mind might not be on a dedicated server.

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    I don't think it would work.

    It looks like you want to put a HOSTS entry for that matches the IP address for so that the webserver on gives you the content of preloaded files.

    This would require you to configure the web server software to have a virtual host entry that matches and points to the contents located in

    Can your hosting provider do this for you? If not, you could be in for some trouble. You could add the domain to your account. Maybe that would do the configuration automatically, but then you may have to spend a few more $$$ to your hosting service.

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