I am not receiving my e-mail. Is there a way in which I can stop my e-mail from being blocked, other than those which I want blocked.

My Internet provider is Telewest Blueyonder Broadband.
Security for past two years Kaspersky antivirus and firewall, Spybot, Ad-Aware and TDS. I run XP professional, Microsoft Outlook. Two months ago I added SpywareBlaster.

For months I was getting e-mail from adult sites which I did not open but consigned them to rules and alerts, permanently delete, as time went on the number received became less.

About a eight weeks ago I stopped getting any adult e-mail. My download box identified x number of e-mail's, of which only a fraction was I able to access - this pleased me as I thought it was working as I wanted.

Since then the number of e-mail's I receive is getting less and less. For the past three weeks I have only been getting the odd e-mail which I thought was strange, so I checked my Blueyonder e-mail facility to discover that I was getting the usual number minus those I did not want.

However when I clicked send and receive, in Outlook on my PC, only one or two came through. For example computer shopper, Serif and Insight were all in my e-mail box held by Blueyonder, but not one of them were transferred to my PC. The download box identified the right number of messages.

Even when I do get e-mail's they are not consistent e.g. one day I will get computer shopper downloaded and the next time it does not get through. I have even had two Computer Shoppers identified in my Blueyonder box but only one was transferred to my computer.

I have gone into tools and checked the privacy settings I can find no changes, I have checked the security setting - restricted sites - sites, and because the sites are abbreviated am unable to identify what they are.

I have removed all sites from my restricted site box except those that identify adult words or phrases in the title, with only little success. However on entering the restricted site box a few days later all the addresses I had removed were back again.

Are you able to offer any help or advice?

Thank you for any help you may be able to give me.