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Thread: Hard drive

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    I just installed a new hard drive as "slave". The Bios recognized the drive and so does XP, however, I cannot get an icon showing the new drive.

    C;D;and E all show up but not the new drive. I know it is there because I can access the drive when I place the name of the drive in the address block.

    There has to be an option somewhere hiding any new drives.

    I really could use the help!

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    I would recommend using cable select mode for installing optical or hard drives. Master and slave settings are automatically determined by cable select feature. It also allows data transfer upto ATA 133 only by using cable select feature. Anyhow, I would suggest going to disk management found under adminstrator options to see if the drive exists there. If it doesn't then there may be problem with installation. Try cable select if this doesn't work.


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