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Thread: Printing multiple copies on one page

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    i'm having trouble figuring out how to print more than 4 copies of my document on one page. I'm making business cards and when i first started messing around with Publisher i was able to print 10 on a page. now i can only print 4, and i cant for the life of me figure out how to change it back to 10. then i switched the page layout to landscape and i was able to print 9 on a page, but that too now is no longer an option. I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to change it. i figured out how to print several pages onto one page, but that's the whole page and makes it really small, if that makes sense. Does anyone know how to change the settings so that i can print 10 or 9 copies of the card on one page???


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    go into page setup from the file menu. on the layout tab, select "business card". then click on the box that says "change copies per sheet". By changing your margins and gutter sizes to a smaller size, you can get 10 on a page. Try a side and top margin of less than 1/2" and a gap (horizontal and vertical) of half inch or less. You won't see the change until you click ok.... but then on the page setup layout screen, you'll hopefully see 10 copies per page. 2 across, 5 down. Good luck, hope that helps. If that wasn't clear to you, let me know. I'm kind of spacey today
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