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Thread: Virus boot trouble

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    I just resently ran my anti-virus software,and it said that i had 2 viruses and then windows locked up.So I had to restart the computer.
    Now I just a loop, normal booting then it goes to inproper shutdown,and starts a chdsk,then it reboots.Ok I get to the safe mode startup window,when you click the safe mode the same as above chdsk then it starts the rebooting again.Any of the other start modes are choicen the it lists a bunch of files and stops.
    Next I get out my widows disk.boot from disk and preety much the same thing.But i can get into repair mode,ran mbrfix,no help.checked the partion and it still there.Oh and one thing that happens before it goes to reboot a blue screen pops up and drops quick very quick,
    and it does say some thing about system admin..
    This leads me to think that it has do something to my admin..
    any help or anti-virus that i get to run from a floopy.Because my backup computer doesn`t have a cdr.

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    I'm afraid that you may end up reinstalling the operating system. But lets see what we can do. Normally a blue screen refers to hardware related problems but not necessarily. A bad installation or virus can also bring windows blue screen message. Since you can't go into windows no matter what, you may want to reinstall windows. I'm assuming you still have important data in the hard drive with no backup. Try installing windows and leave the file system intact. This way your documents will not be deleted. Once you get windows up and running, first thing make a backup and run antivirus scan. Norton Antivirus 2003 Professional is my favourite. Never had a single problem so you can trust the program too. I'm not aware of any antivirus that will fit into a floppy disk or run directly from cd and is bootable too. I think Norton System Works have this option but again not sure about that.

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    I have some backups but how can you backup 50 gigs.
    Maybe you can answer some questions about this.
    Is this caused by just a software crash or can a bad hardware
    cause this?Because the 3 startups prior to the crash I was having to reset my vidio settings,they would be set right but the view was almost unreadable,but after resetting everything seemed fine.
    But I did find my Ultimate boot disk which has a lot of tools and
    all my hardware checked out,it passed all the virus scans,all file systems checked out,drivers seemed to be in good working order.
    The bad part about having to reinstall is that I`m working out of town and want be able to get my orginal win 95 disk till sept.,I thought all
    I would need is my upgrade disk for drivers and what have you.But I should have known that XP has never made it more than a year without a reinstall.
    thanks your help

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    the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH is not that hard to fix.I found a good site with step by step how to and you lose no data no reinstall.It worked for me and hopefully the next person too.
    thanks for the repilies very helpfull to know what was wrong.

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