I was helping a friend with her computer problem. She is using XP Pro. Before doing anything I used XP's file & settings transfer wizard to store over a gig of data on a second partion D: on her hard disk. I wipred drive C: and reinstalled WinXP. Then using the transfer wizard restore for new computer I pointed at where I had stored the prievious data. Guess what??? It says there is no stored data there. I can see over a gig as a .dat file so what can I do?? If anyone knows how to uncompress this dat file created by the transfer wizard and get access to the files please help as there are over 3 years of irreplacable photos within it. Did someone say backup?? I thought that by using the wizard it was backing up... just can't access it now! :blink: I really need help with this. Thanks to you all. Iain