I get eventid 40960 and 40961 errors both are LSASRV source, and SPNEGO (Negotiator) category.

I get these on a winxp pro sp2 client that is part of a Windows 2003 active directory domain.

At the time I got the error, I was logged in via remote desktop from work to my winxp machine and was copying files from winxp to the win2003 file shares on the pdc.
Also I was logged on using an offline account and logged on the file share using a domain admin account (same account name as the offline account, but allowed domain admin rights). File sharing authentication is set to ntlmv2 only and ignores lm and ntlm.

The only thing that seems to solve this problem is to restart the domain controller. Which is a sucky way of fixing the problem. The issue is, I dont know what causes these problems or any "real" way to fix the issue. Some more info about the network setup is provided below. If anyone can guide me in the right direction or has fixed such a problem before that would be great.

Running Windows 2003 Enterprise with SP1, Active Directory in Win2K Native Mode, also run SFU 3.5, Symantec Anti Virus Server 10, the Windows Firewall service is turned on but set to allow all connections (thus the service is on, but the program disabled), using ntlmv2 and smb signing

My WinXP is running SP2 with all updates, uses Mcafee Enterprise Anti Virus 8i with Patch10, the Firewall service is on but the port blocking is disabled, it's using ntlmv2.