This began to happen maybe a month ago or so. I have Windows Media Player 10 installed and I use both Firefox and Internet Explorer. In both browsers when I click on a link to play a video (the sites play videos in WMP automatically) my WMP will say 'Opening File' for 2 minutes then it will say 'Ready.' When I try to press play after it says 'Ready' it just says 'Opening File' again and when I click the 'stop' button or if I click 'Back' on the browser then my whole browser freezes then says 'Not Responding.' A lot of sites play their videos in WMP and I have other programs such as REAL and QT. They work fine. Also WMP works fine when I use it off the browser on my desktop, such as when watching DVDs, or saved mpegs. But when I watch it dock on from a website on my browser, it will freeze on me when I click 'Back' or 'Stop' button on player. I am on a router and I have unchecked my UDP port already, but that didnt help. Also when I try to uninstall WMP, It's not even listed in my Add/Remove Control Panel. I tried to delete it from regedit but I couldnt find it there either. And when I tried to do it manually by deleting folder, it said 'Cannot Delete, File In use' and my WMP isn't even open. Please help me, any suggestions.