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    ok... I have Windows xp professional. Im not exactly sure what the problwm is. This may be the windows or my usb adaptor. Everything was working fine... i was online i had a signal and i was able to do everything else. i restarted my computer to make sure it worked and it always went to the black screen (the screen where it gives you the option to use safe mode or to start windows normally) and i would always have to click start windows normally a couple times and then it would eventually go through and i would be able to get on again.

    Today, my signal got lost somehow and when i tried enableing the connection again my computer just restarted by itself. i was at the black screen with the safe mode again but this time my computer just freezes when i click anything. i cant even get into safe mode. any idea?

    ps... this is a computer that i built myself

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    There was a recent post on wireless cards and the blue screen of death. I think the solution was to disable, not uninstall, the software that comes with the NIC and let Windows control the NIC by itself using the supplied drivers.

    It may be a similar issue.


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