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Microsoft Document Imaging
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Thread: Microsoft Document Imaging

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    Hi everyone,
    When I get ready to print a document, I use to be able to choose "Microsft Document Imaging" from the printer drop-down box, and then save it as a document image.

    But now my printer is only listed in the printer drop-down box.

    Anyone know how I can get the "document imaging" back into the printer drop-down box so I can print to a document image again?

    Thanks for any help,

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    Im afraid I do not have the answer to this. I don't fully understand the problem. If you could go onto Word and press the Print Scrn button to take a picture of your screen to show me the problem.

    You can go to Paint and press Ctrl+V to paste it and then save it as a JPG file and send it to me on tomvenus@gmail.com


    P.S - Check on the Microsoft site aswell

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