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cpu usage
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Thread: cpu usage

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    Today, the gcasdtserv.exe is eating 100% cpu and no other programs will load. What's up? I had MS Antispy installed and working fine for about a month and this is a first.

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    Hello ,


    gcasDtServ.exe is a process belonging to the Giant/Microsoft AntiSpyware product. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should NOT be terminated.

    What I suggest you do is un-install Microsoft Anti-Spyware and re-install it. Alternatively you could shut Microsoft Anti-Spyware down unless scanning your computer. (Right click on symbol, click Shutdown Microsoft Anti-Spyware). I also recommend SpyBot Search and Destroy and Ad-Aware SE Personal (Both have FREE versions) because they do quite a good job aswell, if not better

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