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Thread: USB2 Floppy

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    I am building a 64 3500 amd computer.
    The question is when I need to install the sata drivers from the floppy, can I plug in a usb floppy and use that, or do I need an internally installed floppy.

    The specs are: Amd 64 3500 processor
    Abit AX8 motherboard
    2 x 1gb 3200 Crucial memory
    2 x 160gb Maxtor sata drives
    Antec 480 watt neo PSU.
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    Well I use a external floppy all the time ("Privilege M# PA3043U-1FDD - Toshiba) Approx $40.00 Canadian funds...When I use on my old P4 2.4 system I have to plug it into the back usb slots because the front one does not seem to have the power to run it properly but my new PC runs the floppy from any usb slot and is great for me because of the convience of taking small files or pictures with me on the road and I have tons of floppys... Gee now I don't know if I answered your question or not... :blink:

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