I am writeing this here because i dont feel like bloging

I have come to the point were going out side hurts tooo much, Becuase everytime i go out side i see the bad side of man kind.

Now i would stay inside allday and play with my computer if i could but because of that very same thing has caused me health problems i am forced to go out side once a day and face the world.

So seen is what i seen today.

I awoke bright and early to my morning coffee (ahhh coffee)
and just as i thought to my self hmm this is going to be a good day!
The phone rings.
So i answer it and what do ya know a woman and the first words out of her mouth was.
Hello this is cindy from publishers clearing house do you have a credit card?
My respone was do you have programming or linux related books mame.
You said ahh ahhh ah no
My responce was (click)
You know i work hard for my money i dont need to be botherd with telephone spam.

She didnt call and say good morning or just call to say hello.
Nope she wanted to know if i had a credit card.
She just wanted my money. (bitch)

Ok so now i have had my morning coffee well make that my morning 5 pots.
I wake andrea and her father who is very very sick and just wants to go fishing.

So off we go.
We are now head to an unknown pond that andreas father use to goto 30 years ago.

And guess what the name of the pond was....
Niger pond is what it was called!
Now what the hell is whith that?
anyways it turns out that pond that andreas dad use to go to 30 years ago that was going to make his day is now a private dumping grounds for proctor & gambal you know the people that make but paper so your hand doesnt smell funny after you crap.

Well that blew that 1/2 hour drive and an old mans dream right out the window.

Ok time to get gas for the car.
And what do ya know gas is $2.45 a gallon what the F$%^
Did you all know Gas is a waste product from processing crude oil?
Yup back in the day they use to dump the shit in the desert.

Ohh well i still need gas i guess i didnt need that php book today that much after all.

So we are now off to the Pa state park for Some fishing.
and this is the part that really pissed me off.

We get there and i am fishing away haveing a good time.
Untill i look down at my feet there is piles of old fishing line rusty beer cans and garbage everywheres when the hell did the world turn to such a dump?

And then the sad part happens these baby ducks come floating in my way
and they get tangled into some fishing line that must have been in the water and there strugleing bad so i jumpin and grab them and i got the crap bit out of me and then a bunch more duck join in at biteing at me it wasnt all that bad but in the strugle one of the ducks i was trying to save some how got a fishing hook stuck in its face.
I couldnt get the hook out but i did manage t get them untanlged from the fishing line and cut the line as clode to the hook stuck in the duck as possable.

So i am upset at this moment feeling sorry for the poor duck and my self in general.

when atlast some dick teenagers around 18 or so decide it will be fun to shoot at the ducks fith a pellet gun.

So of course i confront them and threaten to report them when one decised to shoot me in the leg with that dam pelit gun well after i took the gun away and beat this shit out of them andrea yells at me and thes kids decide to come back with a bunch of there friends and one has a gun good thing andreas dad is a cop and i have my black powder pistol on me.
And andrea is in traing to be a shearff so we are all armed.

No worries there was no gun fight or anything but i did have to cuff a couple and fill out a statement.

I am atleast happy i didnt have to shoot anyone.

So today Linux saves the day and keeps me in the house.
What the hell is going on out in the world when did things get so dam crazy.

I fear for man kind greatly.