COMPUTER: MSI KN8 Neo motherboard, Athlon64 FX55 CPU, 2x1gb 400 DDR, GeForce 6800 w/256ddr, two Baraccuda 120gb HDs stripped in Raid 0 and two Lite-On DVDRW drives (model SOHW-832S). My OS is MS Windows XP Professional. Windows XP recognizes my HDs as "G" and my DVDRW drives as "E" and "F", respectively.

Additionally, I have loaded MS Visual Studio Net (Architect) and am running MS SQL server at startup. I have a two computer home network to share a DSL connection. My computer is "hard wired" to the network hub.

I just purchased an Olympus m:robe 100 music player and loaded its related software on to the above machine. I discovered m:robe software relys on Windows Media Player and have discoverd my PC has a major Windows Media Player problem.

I've been using Nero Player to play music CDs so this was the first time I've tried using Microsoft Media Player on this machine.

PROBLEM: MS Media Player will not recognize music tracks on CDs placed in either of the Lite-On DVDRW drives. Media Player is giving me Error Code COOD1197 (cannot play the file) and informs me that MP can't find the selected track.

Windows XP indicates there are audio CDs in the drives. When I select the menu item PLAY-CD AUDIO, Media Player correctly indicates there are Audio CDs in both drives (E and F). However, when I select either drive, I get Media Player message saying it cannot find the file and instructs me to check my network connections. The Error is COOD1197 (Cannot play the file). Which is driving me crazy. The drives are NOT network drives and I am not trying to access external audio files!!!!!

I've patched firmware drives for both DVDRW drives and I've removed and have reloaded Windows Media Player v10 several times. Nothing seems to work.

Nero Player continues to recognize and play Audio CDs placed in either drive. Data CDs are readable.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Paul E. Esquinaldo Jr.