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Microsoft Picture It Express 7
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Thread: Microsoft Picture It Express 7

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    I have a MSN cd with microsoft picture it express on it. I have had this program installed and used it for a couple of years.....I had to have my computer restored, using my restore discs. I installed Picture It and when I try to open it I get this message "Object Load Failure---Please rerun setup" I have uninstalled, reinstalled...still the same message. I read all the files of what might cause problems with this program...none of it applies to my computer. Please help! this is my favorite photo editing program!
    I am running windows 98SE on a compaq presario 5352.

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    Hello Katy. I have the solution to your problems and I hope it helps you out



    When you try to start Picture It!, the program may not start, and then you receive the following error message:

    Object Load Failure. Please Rerun Setup.

    If you reinstall Picture It!, this does not resolve the issue.


    This issue may occur if the Oleacc.dll file is missing or corrupted.


    To resolve this issue see the steps below for your version of Picture It!:

    Note: This update is not intended for Microsoft Windows XP or later operating systems. You have Windows 98SE so you will be fine.

    Steps for Picture It! 9.0:

    To Install the Microsoft Active Accessibility 2.0 (MSAA20.exe) update do the following:
    • Insert the Picture it CD 1 disk.
    • Navigate to your CD-ROM drive:\PSS with the disk in.
    • Double-click the file MSAA20.exe to extract it, and then save the extracted files to the default selected location. This location is usually in My Computer->Hard Drive (C:\MSAA20RDK)
    • Double-click Setup.exe from the extracted files to install the update.
    Steps for Picture It! 7.0:
    • Download the Microsoft Active Accessibility 2.0 update from the following Microsoft Download Center Web site:
    • Follow the instructions to download the file to your desktop or documents.
    • Click the file to extract it, and then save the extracted files to the default location (typically C:\MSAA20RDK).
    • Open the MSAA20RDK folder.
    • Double-click Setup.exe to install the update.

    I hope this helps!

    P.S - Obviously if you have Picture It! 9.0 but can't find the update file on your disk or it is damaged, just download it from the Microsoft site above and install it when it is downloaded, it won't damage your software

    P.P.S - If you have any troubles contact me and I'll help you further if needed.

    *Information found on www.microsoft.com

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