Routing your presentation
To route your presentation
1. On the File menu, point to Send To, and then click Routing Recipient.
2. In the Add Routing Slip dialog box, click Address to select recipients.
3. Select the name of the recipient or recipients that you want to add, and then click To. You can select multiple recipients by holding the CTRL button as you click the names.
4. Type your message in the Message box. Notice the default entry for the Subject box. You can change this as needed.
Publishing to the Web
To publish a presentation to the Web
1. Open your presentation.
2. On the File menu, click Save as Web Page.
3. In the File name box, type the name for the Web page, such as History of Shipwrecks.
4. In the Save as type box, click Web page. This creates an associated folder that contains supporting files such as bullet points, background colors, and graphics.


In the Save as type box, click Web archive. This saves your presentation in a format that integrates the supporting information, such as graphics and other files, into a single file.
5. Click Change Title to set the title bar for your Web page.

6. Click Publish to open the Publish as Web Page dialog box.

7. In the Publish what? text box, select an option. To display speaker notes, select the Display speaker notes check box.
8. In the Browser support text box, select an option.
9. Click Web Options, set any additional Web page formatting and display options that you want, and then click OK.
10. In the File name list, select a location and type a name for the Web page.
11. Click Publish.
To view your published Web presentation immediately, in the Publish as Web Page dialog box, select the Open published Web page in browser check box.