Microsoft Forums is now working on putting together a team of three people in a special group called "MSF News".

This is a great opportunity for people who like to read, research and learn about the technology world.

If you're interested, read on.

What's done so far?
So far I've been posting news relating to Microsoft all by myself, but now we've expanded to three categories as follows.

1. Microsoft Records
2. Security Bulletins, Patches & Updates
3. Tech World

What does the team do?
Training and supplement material will be provided to the team as a starter. The team will be responsible for posting news articles into the correct categories. The most common one will be Tech World and Microsoft Records, respectively. Additionally, complete access to Staff Forum and network's FTP server will be provided. The team will never incur any cost other than their internet connection that they already use.

What's recruitment requirements?
Essentially there are no requirements, you will need to send me a Personal Message. Of course people who can type properly will be given preference. There's no post count requirement, so refer your friends if you want.

Interested? Send me a PM today so we can talk.