I'm pleased to announce some changes and additional forums for our members to enjoy.

We now have a brand new category called "News Center". This category will host very interesting posts and news articles that interests MSForums audience. "Microsoft Records (MSR)" has been moved under this category as well.

A new subforum under News Center category is called "Security Bulletins, Patches & Updates". This will serve as a critical updates point to all security updates provided by Microsoft. Subscription to this forum is suggested. Another new category called "Tech World" under the same category calls for all technological news from around the world.

Third change is an addition of "64 Bit Software & Hardware" under the Computing & Technology category. This section will allow us to discuss the newly crazed 64 bit enviornment, software and hardware both.

I hope all of you will like the new changes and will be able to utilize them to the fullest.

As always, your feedback is needed, please feel free to post here.