I&#39;ve been having a problem connecting to my "host computer" which is my home computer from an outside computer "client computer" using internet explorer. I write my IP xx.xxx.xx.86/tsweb on the address bar, then it asks me for the server name and then connect, then it says that the host computer could not be found. I have a LAN at home, so when I try the same from my laptop computer (client) to my pc (host) it works fine. I have a netgear router which I&#39;ve opened port forwarding 3389 and 80. I did the same with my mcafee firewall. I called my ISP to see if they are blocking port 80 and they said they only block port 25. So when I use remote desktop connection from an outside computer it works, the problem that i&#39;m having is connecting using web connection. <_<

Can anyone tell me what&#39;s the problem is?

Thank you!