I would just like to comment on how Microsoft has really done well in catching up in the graphics area to Macintosh computers. When I started in graphics, nobody in their right mind would attempt design with a Mircosoft based system. If you were going to do graphics, you had to have a mac. Although much of the design community still feels that way, at over $5000 to get set up properly with mac equiptment and software, it isn't very practical for people like me. I do all my design for free or next to free for friends and charities and have developed what I think are solid, interesting designs all on Microsoft software. The ease of use and practicality of my design programs is so much better than my first attempts at trying to figure out Corel Draw in the early days of having Windows based design. Although what some friends of mine can do on a mac may take one step, and for me it's three or four, with some ingenuity, it's possible. So thanks Microsoft. You've made a lot of people happy. I can Publish great looking work and keep it free for my clients because of my small overhead. Very cool.