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Thread: Help us with my Thesis!!! i have a question...

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    i have to prove something that this thesis proposal is not yet existing...

    Is there any disk defragmenter and local disk / harddisk scanner application that has network support feature?....what i mean can scan or defragment network computers with just using your own PC?....provided that the application is just installed only on your PC...

    I've noticed some products the Symantec's Norton SystemWorks which has Disk Doctor and Speed Disk doesn't support network scanning...

    Also Executive Software's Diskeeper...

    I want to propose a thesis proposal Harddrive Scanner / Defragmenter with Network Support....

    If you know that this proposal is good or seems not to be feasible...please tell me...and I will appreciate your time on reacting on my post.
    I want to know also if there's a scanner/defragmenter that has a network support feature ...thank you so much....

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    To be honest I am not sure of any that do this. I know the Executive Software's Diskeeper comes with a server version that allows to schedule scans on other machines, but I don't recall if they have to have the client version installed or not.

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    Why don't you just do your thesis?

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