Spammers play illegal XP Windows card

AS USUAL the world+dog continues to be bombarded with the spam menace and surely it could only be a question of time before someone took advantage of Microsoft's recent move to tighten up on illegal copies of Windows XP.

The cheeky spamsters have still to tweak the spelling and grammar on the e-missive, but the general idea is for you to go to a web site and, guess what, enter your credit card details.

Here's what the email looks like;

Hello Microsoft user,

We here at Microsoft would like you to still receive your normal computer updates, That Will protect your computer from Viruses and spyware. We have noticed A lot of people are illegally Using our services Without paying for their Windows Operating System. Therefor we've made a web site so you can update or validate your windows serial and credit card information. If you do not comply with our policy, windows will ask you to reactivate your serial number, and it will become invalid. So you will lose any information on your computer. If you do not validate your serial number, your copy of windows will be labeled as piracy.

Your Credit Card will not be charged. We use your credit card information to validate your windows system. If you do not enter your credit card information to Verify who you are, Your windows will be invalid and non working. If any one else has your serial number we will contact you by phone. It is critical that you update your serial number and validate it, so no one else will attempt to use it. We've also added Programs to help fight piracy and adware. After your verification is complete, You can download these programs free of charge.

Please validate your account by Signing in our web site below.