Microsoft's response to new search engines

Microsoft has responded to the Google dominated web search market with the launching of their own take on web searching, called MSN Search (

The industry giant had previously released a beta version of the home-grown search late last year, which was met with mixed reviews.

In this move MS has slimmed down their search interface to have a more Google-like look; limited advertising, simple interface, fast processing.

One of the only attempts by MS to outfeature the competitors relies on usage of the MS Encarta Encyclopedia to answer specific user questions. This is part of an industry wide movement to transform form search engine to "answer engine".

Google's focus on the searching and organizing of information, and their entry into other areas only as side projects (news, GMail, Blogger) lends strength to their primary product.

MSN searching still represents only a small part of the MS Empire. It is somewhat ironic that many benchmarks run on the new MSN Search point to pages at Google containing the appropriate search results.

Industry watchers seem to be unanimous in their opinion that Google will continue to dominate despite the amount of advertising MS is expected to throw into promoting MSN Search. For many internet users, Google defines internet searching, and it's going to require something revolutionary to dethrone the undisputed king. MS is counting on doing just that by doing what it does best - throwing a ton of money at it. 100 million has already been spent on the product, and millions of advertising dollars are expected to follow.

Searching has become the new Internet battleground. MS, Yahoo!, and Google are all layering on new features (various web based e-mail solutions) and offering new integration options (desktop searches) in an effort to hold or gain additional market. Or maybe, just steal some away from Google.

Source: The Triangle