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Pointers Demonstration Video
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Thread: Pointers Demonstration Video

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    Pointer Concept in Java

    Many programmers believe that Java does not contain pointers like C++ does. Thats not true! Java has pointers but to make our lives easier, Java actually hides them from us. Pointers are referred to as Objects and Object References in Java (not Pointees as shown in the video). This neat video demonstrates the concept of pointers in Java and is funny too. Enjoy!

    Link: Binky Pointer Video

    Credited to: http://cslibrary.stanford.edu/104/ (Visit this webpage to watch the video for the making of Binky Pointer Video :lol: )


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    Do you work from them? I dont really know crap about Java.
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    Do you work from them?
    Yes, when programming in Java, objects and object references are used everywhere. Except that Java hides it for reducing source code complexity. However it crucial to understand it as to see whats going on under or behind the source code and how Java handles it all. I'm thinking to write a short tutorial on objects.

    As illustrated by the video, pointers are in this case object references and pointee is an object. The reason pointers share same pointee is to improve efficiency which is enhanced by "Java Garbage Collection" feature which is a major drawback in C++ resulting in memory leak. More on this later. Enjoy!


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