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How to Detect and Remove MySearch?

MySearch Description:
An IE toolbar providing search features, and a homepage-/search-hijacker, targeted at the sites run by MyWay. (The same people as, writers of the Aornum parasite.)

MySearch/MySearch was the first variant, targeted at

MySearch/MyWay uses different filenames and is targeted at itself.

MySearch/MyWeb is a new variant targeted at

Also known as: MyWay Speed Bar.

MySearch Manual Removal:
Open 'Add/Remove Programs' in the Control Panel. Select the 'My Search Bar' (MySearch variant), 'MyWay Speed Bar' (MyWay) or 'My Web Search Bar' (MyWeb) entry and click 'Remove'. For the MyWeb variant, be sure to also remove 'Fun Web Products Easy Installer'.

You can then reset your home page (Internet Options->General->Start Page) if it has been changed, and search settings (Internet Options->Programs->Reset web settings).