How to Remove Comet Cursor

What is Comet Cursor?
Comet Cursor is online software you can download to change the look and feel of your mouse's cursor. According to their website:

Fun Cursors gives you free animated cursors and icons for almost any theme on the Web. Our huge library of cursor skins includes Peanuts, Dilbert, Pokemon, South Park, DragonBall Z, dogs, cats, anime, sports, and more.

Smart Cursors gives you free definitions, encyclopedia references, and search results, all at the tip of your mouse pointer. Click on any word, anywhere on the Web, and get the American Heritage Dictionary, Britannica .com's encyclopedia, and results from your favorite search engines?all without leaving the Web page you're visiting.

Comet Cursor does collect marketing information from its users, for this reason many people want to remove it from their systems.

How to I Remove Comet Cursor?

1. Click your "Start" button, select "Settings," and then "Control Panel"
2. Double-click the "Add/Remove Programs" icon
3. Scroll down to "Comet- Comet Cursor 3.0"
4. To remove ALL Comet software, select "Comet - Comet Cursor 3.0"
5. Click the "Add/Remove" button
6. Follow the instructions that appear

What if this doesn't work, or I get an error message?

If you are experiencing problems, they may be caused by having tried to remove Comet Cursor 3.0 through a different method than the one described above. Sometimes, in their efforts to delete the program, some users actually delete the uninstaller, and then receive error messages when they try to use Add/Remove. If this is the case, then you should go to and reinstall. After you have reinstalled, follow the steps described above to uninstall.