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[HELP]ASP.NET 1.1 Installation Problem
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Thread: [HELP]ASP.NET 1.1 Installation Problem

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    My laptop is currently running WinXP Pro.
    I set up the MSDE(MS Desktop Engine 2004 Release A) with SQL IIS 5.1.

    However, i cannot create a new web application by VB 2003 Pro on my lap top, an unexpected message shows up like followings:

    "Visual Studio .NET has detected that the specified Web server is not running ASP.NET version 1.1. You will be unable to run ASP.NET Web applications or services."

    Here is the same problem and its resolution in the Microsoft Website at: http://support.microsoft.com/default...;en-us;8172 67

    However, the resolution online is talking about the IIS 6.0, but my laptop is using the IIS 5.1, i can open single file, but just cannot create a brand new application due to the error message.

    Can you help me?

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    I can do a bit research on the matter but I don't have direct experience in this area.

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    Oh...thanks anyways! You've been really kind.

    Me will research for it as well:P
    Hopefully, we can come up with a solution.

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    Dear Friend,

    You have to register ur .netframework1.1 with iis.

    Folllow the steps below might solve the problem

    Start -> Programs->Visual Studio .Net 2003 -> Visual Studio .Net Tools ->Visual studio .net command prompt

    in the command prompt

    c:\>cd win*
    c:\>windows>cd mic*
    c:\>windows\Micorsoft.Net>cd fr*
    c:\>windows\Micorsoft.Net\FrameWork> cd v1.1*
    c:\>windows\Micorsoft.Net\FrameWork\V1.1.400>aspne t_regiis -i

    installing process will go on let it complete
    after completeing the installing u just try to open the asp.net /web application if couldnt get it solved let me now so i can help u further

    this might solve ur problem
    good luck


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