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Thread: Avalon installation

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    I got the big problem!

    The manual for installation: not found!!

    Is the Avalon new desktop engine, new 3d look in WInXP or some type of plug-in for programing?

    I think this is an important question and I would like to see some answer on this thread!

    P.S. I instaled all the files correctly(.Net Framework 2.0 Beta, Beta 1 Redistributable, Avalon November 2004 CTP Preview,... and my WinXP SP2 still look the same!!! :angry:

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    Avalon is a runtime library that provides a new way to create
    Windows and browser applications. Installing the Avalon CTP doesn't change anything visible to your system.

    The Longhorn desktop experience is called Aero, it's not out yet.

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