Detect and remove spyware
? Easily detect spyware on your PC. Quickly and easily find spyware that can slow down your computer, display annoying pop-up ads, change Internet settings, or use your private information without your consent.
? In-depth spyware removal returns your PC to normal. Straightforward operation and thorough removal technology make it easy for people of all skill levels to eliminate detected spyware. If you inadvertently remove any programs, you can easily get them back.
? Maintain your PC with regularly scheduled spyware scanning and removal. Regularly scheduled spyware scans help maintain your PC. They can be run when it's convenient for you: on-demand or on any schedule you set.
? Stay in control of what's running on your PC. Quickly discover and remove unwanted programs that may have been installed without your consent. If you inadvertently remove any programs, you can easily get them back.

Improve Internet browsing safety
? Help stop spyware in its tracks with continuous protection. Windows AntiSpyware improves Internet browsing safety by guarding more than 50 ways Web sites and programs can put spyware on your PC.
? Protection that doesn't distract you from using your PC. Windows AntiSpyware works in the background, automatically handling spyware based on your preferences. This enables you to use your PC with minimal interruption.
? Undo unwanted changes to Internet Explorer settings. Easily restore Internet settings that are persistently changed by spyware, including your home page or the default search engine.

Stop the latest threats
? Stop new threats faster with SpyNet?. The voluntary, worldwide SpyNet? community plays a key role in determining which suspicious programs are classified as spyware. SpyNet? participants help to discover new threats quickly so everyone is better protected. Any user can choose to join SpyNet? and report potential spyware to Microsoft.
? Spyware expertise you can rely on. A dedicated team of Microsoft researchers scours the Internet to discover new spyware and develop methods to counteract it.
? Automatically stay up to date. Updates to counteract new spyware are automatically downloaded to your PC, helping to keep you protected from the latest threats.