Top 5 Java Editors!</span>
by Vacuumtube

Using a good editor in combination with other tools can help programmers to quickly and efficiently build dedicated solutions. I have categorized the list into two main categories as follows:

Please note that some of these text editors may also work for compiling other programming languages. All listed programs are excellent editors however I have stated my own opinion on recommended editors as well.

This category of editors focus on reliable and easier to use programming editors for Java. These editors are quite powerful and can also be used for advanced programming as well.

1. <a href=\'\' target=\'_blank\'>TextPad</a> (Recommended)
2. <a href=\'\' target=\'_blank\'>JCreator LE</a> (Recommended) *FREE!
3. <a href=\'\' target=\'_blank\'>UltraEdit</a>
4. <a href=\'\' target=\'_blank\'>NEdit</a>
5. <a href=\'\' target=\'_blank\'>JPad Pro</a>

<span style=\'color:blue\'>Advanced:

Focus of these editors is to deliver rich and extremely advanced functionalities and debugging tools for experts!

1. Netbeans (Recommended) *FREE!
2. Eclipse (Recommended) *FREE!
3. jEdit *FREE!
4. Slick Edit
5. IntelliJ IDEA


~ vacuumtube